Friday, January 16, 2009

indoor fun for chilly days...


I'm Jenny from both Jenny Made This and Steph's Closet. It's been a crazy Christmas season, having done two craft sales and knitting most of my presents, but now I have some space to breathe. However, not for long...

I spend much of my time making things out of recycled material for Jenny Made This. There is nothing quite so satisfying to me as rescuing clothing that no one wants and turning it into wicked stuff that has a renewed purpose. I primarily make bags, but I have recently branched out into scarves, arm warmers, and shrugs.

I also enjoy knitting! I work at the Costume Museum of Canada, where we have set up Sunday afternoon knitting classes for beginners. If anyone is interested in learning how to knit, the first class is $30 (this includes your own needles and Manitoba-made handspun yarn) and $10 after that. For all of you experienced knitters, you are welcome to join in the knitting circle for just the price of admission. Here is our website with address and phone number:

We are also holding a Clothing Swap on Feb. 6 at the Museum. All of you are invited to join in. It is $10 to participate (this will cover the labour for us to sort the clothing). Just bring your money and bag of clean, pre-loved clothing to the museum by January 30th and we will give you a ticket for entry on the big day. We will have coffee and tea a-plenty and if you would like a beer or glass of wine, we can hook you up with one for $5. We can only handle around 60 people for the swap, so give us a call if you're interested in participating!

We also have a fashion show in the works... I'll post with an update.!


  1. I'll put this on the team calender too so we don't forget! Thanks for sharing Jenny!
    Q: Does the clothing exchange include accessories like bags, hats, scarves or jewelry?

    I totally get your feeling of satisfaction when turning something old, unwanted and dismal into something new, purposeful and cool. It's a pretty great thing!

    Your mix of recycled materials are a thing of art!


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