Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who is emmsgems?

beads make me happy... come on get happy...

What a way to introduce myself! I am Emily, of emmsgems on Etsy. You won't find emmsgems anywhere else, but my dream is for everyone to own at least one gEM. And if you own one, you might as well own two, or three.

That, for me, is how it all started. I started making necklaces for myself, and the odd anklet (so cool in the 90's!) until I reached a point where I pretty much had a piece for each day of the year. In order to fund my passion, I participated in a few summer craft shows, toted my wares to my dad's workplace...and they sold!

I love the feeling of creating something that someone else loves.

Over time, my beads and my jewelry styles have changed. I lovingly refer to my jewelry as either "Retro gEM's", "Classic gEM's", or "Current gEM's".

Current gEM's feature semi-precious gemstones, wood beads, glass and sterling silver. I purchase most of my beads and supplies in Toronto, although I do haunt one particular on-line seller. As well, there are some fantastic bead shops now open in Winnipeg!

So come on and get happy, everyone deserves gEM's!


P.S. No, "Retro gEM's" are no longer for sale, but if you need one refurbished, just give me a shout.


  1. Thanks for telling us all more about you and your craft! I can tell you really love what you do - and it shows in your jewelry!


  2. Great blog piece emms, thanks for sharing your story!


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