Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello from PrairiePeasant

I'm a new member of the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team, and I'm here to introduce myself to you today! My name is Laura, and I've had my Etsy shop PrairiePeasant for a little over a year now. My shop is currently focused on handmade journals, cards and envelopes, although I also repurpose thrifted fabrics into totes and quilted projects (but not many have made their way into my shop yet).

I haven't made myself known much on the local scene with craft shows yet, as I just don't have the time to make enough stock to display--I also have a day job in health care at one of the community hospitals in Winnipeg.

Recycling and repurposing are important to me in my Etsy shop and in my day to day living. I'm a regular at certain thrift stores, and love finding unique items to find another life in my work. I love finding damaged and discarded books that I use in my Rebound Journal series and envelopes.

I love to have fun with my work, whether in using materials in unusual ways, or enjoying the sculptural qualities of books like this star book:

I look forward to getting to know the visitors to this blog and the members of this team! Please stop by my shop PrairiePeasant, my blog, or visit me on Twitter. Maybe soon I'll meet some of you in person too!


  1. SO cool. I love the way you bind the re purposed books. Also love the inclusion of maps.

    PS. When you've got the spark, you must make time for crafting. It's important and you've got talent :-D


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