Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introducing Myself

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to take this chance to introduce myself. My name's Darlene Elizabeth, and I am the face behind 'Elizabethxoxo'. I've been making wire wrapped jewelry for about a year and a half, trying out different styles and techniques the whole way along. I had known about Etsy for a while when I decided that I wanted a shop of my own in hopes of turning my little hobby into a business of my own. So I created Elizabethxoxo.

I am also a university student - as I'd like to one day become an elementary teacher, however I don't think even then I'll stop making my jewelry. When you love doing something it sticks with you no matter what, so I don't think having a full time day job will change anything for me. Feel free to check out my shop and my personal blog:



I was born in Winnipeg and I've lived my whole life here, so I'm very excited to be part of a team that is Winnipeg based. Thank you for including me!

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  1. Your items are simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


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