Monday, November 2, 2009

Craft Sale Season is Here!

Have you taken the handmade pledge?

Are you buying handmade, shopping local and thinking of supporting local artisans this year's holiday season?

Our fabulous Winnipeg Etsy Street Team members have been stitching, hammering, gluing and being outrageously crafty, all to help you have a stress free, ingenious hand made holiday.

Leave the malls, crowds and mass produced items for clever made in Manitoba creations at your local craft sale. Or better yet click on the Etsy shop links on the right and shop in the comfort of your bathrobe!


  1. No doubt! I was at st. vital the other day and it was soooo stressful. Why do we torture ourselves?

  2. exactly!
    now is the perfect time to shop online! plenty of time for items to arrive and no crowds
    I hate crowds!!

  3. I prefer to shop from the comfort of my couch.:)
    I am going to be looking for gifts at the upcoming shows too.

  4. just wondering how I would get my etsy shop and blog link on the sidebar? been so busy crafting and not spending too much time blogging though!

  5. hey Marathon1981 - have you already clicked on join the team? and sent your info to Lune? currently she's the only one that can edit that information on the blog (but I should be able to soon!)

  6. periwinkledzyns ... i have joined the team and I believe i sent my info. i might not have sent the blog info but i'm pretty sure i sent my shop. no big deal though.
    sorry for the late response i'm not a very good blogger yet! (:


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