Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Valentine's Sale Idea

I came across this “call for crafters” today and it got me wondering if we should do something similar at the beginning of February. It wouldn’t be on this scale, of course, but maybe a fun, little evening event with a few crafters and maybe some complimentary vendors.

We could all sell our “usual” handmade/vintage stuff, but add some special (ok, *sexy*) items to the mix. I’m thinking condom wallets, pretty slips, red Jewelry, body lotion, candles, cards, “love coupons”…etc etc etc…

What do you think? It could be a good “winter warmer” and a way to stay visible/active/earning $....

4th Annual Toronto Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair
When: Saturday February 13, 2010 12-8pm

Looking for an excuse to take your arts and craftiness in a sexy direction? Searching for the perfect place to sell your handmade erotic wares just before Valentine’s Day? Last year's Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair attracted over 1300 attendees to ogle (and buy) the work of over 20 vendors at the Gladstone Hotel. For more details and on line vendor submission forms visit:
Submission deadline: January 3, 2009

More about the Fair:
The Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair is a one-of-a-kind fair that will bring together artists and crafters just in time for Valentine's Day. Knitters, crafters, zinesters, card makers, and artists of all types will be creating erotic objects for this one day celebration of DIY sex and romantic culture.


  1. Sounds like a fun idea! Not sure I could pull off "erotic" but definitely sexy and love-themed! We make lots of glass hearts & goddesses and our calla lilies are often interpreted as rather suggestive in a Georgia-O'Keefe kind of way!

  2. LOL...I love Georgia o'Keefe's work. Anything that makes *me* blush has got to be good! ;-)

    ...and Yay! This will be fun!

  3. sure, what the hay, count me in too!


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