Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As most of you already know...

I'm almost ready to open my bead store!

Some of you already know me,
I'm Jody from JLP designs, you usually see me at craft sales rocking neon eye shadow and a meatloaf shirt...

So the time has come, I've submitted all my loan forms and now I'm playing the waiting game.

I have been asked by the WECM to provide them with a survey to back up some of my business plan, and to get a better idea on where I should be located, stuff to carry, hours of operation, etc etc.

So if you have a few moments of spare time, I would really love and appretiate if you could take my 10 question survey!

There is a comment box for the last question, please take advantage of this and post for me any specialty items you would like to see in my store :)

BIG thank you to everyone who has already taken it, I've gotten amazing feedback and I'm super pumped to open my doors and see you all <3

Much love,
Happy beading!

-Jody Prevost

(P.S If you are interested in teaching a jewellery class, no matter what medium please e-mail me because I really want to showcase local artists and have guest teachers and all that jazzzzz!!)

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