Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings from Just the Goods!

Hello everyone!

Although I've started meet a few of you through the Wrap Me Up craft sale in November and now, more recently, the egg hunt we starting to organize together, I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself more formally since links to my Etsy page, etc., aren't in the side bar just yet ;-)

I'm a producer of handmade natural and cruelty-free cosmetic for everyone including shaving solids, body butter, foot cream, hand and body lotion, bath melts, roll on-fragrance, and so much more. Almost all of my items are vegan -- the only one that is not quite yet is my lip balm, but a vegan version is on its way! Creating new products is my favourite part of my practice, so I'm in “the lab” regularly with a view to expanding my line of products. For example, I’m almost done testing my new basic hold hair styling gel and I’m getting close to a deodorant stick I love! Yay!

The reason I started doing this was two-fold. First, the discomfort my partner was beginning to experience as a result of his growing chemical sensitivity alerted us to very real problems with the petro-chemical cosmetics industry. Second, the unfairly inflated prices of many natural products were starting to grate on us. Related to that was the unfair labelling practices of many companies, especially after being acquired by larger, multi-national corporations. Why were they including contested ingredients such as SLS or propylene-glycol in their formulations, but still calling them natural alternatives?  We figured we could either keep spending more and more and more toward finding better products, or I could start making our own. We chose the latter ;-)

Just the Goods is my effort to make healthy skin care and grooming alternatives available at an affordable price, making them more accessible to everyone. For more information, please visit  or for an even larger product listing.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you more about what I do! I’m looking forward to meeting more W.E.S.T. Team Members and working together =-)



  1. Milena I love the passion behind your work and those samples I tried were SO AWESOME! I must say that the bath melts were so so relaxing and felt so smooth and clean.

    Seriously, this girl knows what she's making!


  2. Milena, I can't wait to check out your shop! You just might be my new local bath and body connection! Keep up the awesome work and welcome to the team!


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