Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: For the Boys!

Okay, let’s face it: Winnipeg is not one of those places where you can get away with fingerless gloves during the winter. But these gloves are a trendy option for gifts (one day spring will come!), and they’re very useful during time spent on public transit, or quick breaks outside. This is a great pattern for men’s fingerless gloves, from a Beehive “Woolcraft” pattern booklet published in 1915. I have changed some of the wording in the original pattern to make it easier to follow. Sadly no gauge was included, but this project doesn’t really demand an exact size. The mittens that I made were done with a much heavier gauge yarn than I should have used (Noro Kureyon), but they turned out fine and fit the recipient well.

Men's Mittens

Original description: Knitted plain (except for the ribbing, to give elasticity in the wrist) these mittens are simple to make and very comfortable in wear, especially where the fingers require to be free.

Materials: 2.5 oz (around 70g) 3-ply yarn

Four 3.0mm double pointed needles


Cast on 52 stitches, placing 16 stitches on the first needle and 18 on each of the other two needles. Work in 2x2 rib for 36 rounds, or to desired length. After a few rows, place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round.

Work 10 rounds in plain knitting.

Begin the thumb: P1, increase in the next stitch (by knitting through the loop in the row just underneath the stitch, then knitting the stitch regularly), K2, increase again in the same manner, P1, K to end of round. The two purl stitches mark the outside of the thumb.

Knit two rounds plain, but continue to purl the two marker stitches.

* Increase row: P1, increase, K to the stitch before the next P stitch, increase again, P1, K to end of round.

K two rounds plain, continuing to P the two marker stitches as established*

Repeat * until there are 18 stitches between the two P stitches. Knit two more rounds plain without increasing. In the next round, K1 (the first purl marker stitch), place 18 stitches on a holder and leave them for the thumb, cast on 4 stitches, K the other purl marker stitch, continue on in plain knitting to finish the round.

Work 10 rounds in plain knitting.

Work 10 rounds in 2x2 ribbing. Bind off loosely.

Thumb: Take up the 18 stitches that were left on the holder and divide them evenly on two needles. With the third needle, pick up 6 stitches along the space between the other two needles.

Knit six rounds plain knitting

Work six rounds 2x2 rib.

Bind off loosely.

Weave in all ends. Block or steam as desired.

This tutorial originally appeared in my personal blog, Lovely Stray.


  1. These are lovely, and the yarn you used is a great choice!

  2. Thanks! Noro makes the most beautiful yarn!


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