Friday, December 17, 2010

Feature Friday: Say I Do Unique Boutique

Today's feature Friday focuses on Kim of Say I Do Unique Boutique.

About me and my craft

I recently married and was a total DIYer and loved making all my wedding decorations and was kinda at a loss when the wedding was over and I had no more nights of crafting.  So I decided to keep on making wedding decor! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do and pride myself in doing things a little differently than what is out there. I like being unique in my crafting!

My favorite item in my shop

My favorite item in my shop is the “Ring of Roses” design pomander.  I didn’t want to just glue fake flowers to a ball and tissue paper balls wouldn’t hold up in an outdoor setting very well.  I had a lot of fabric from my quilting days, so I decided to do my pomander designs using fabric and I love the hand rolled roses look so I incorporated them into the “Ring of Roses” pomander.  For this design I used a polyester satin fabric that was fraying a lot so I candled the edges to seal them and that added a very pretty curling effect as well.  I am currently working on a “Random Roses” design that will have the hand rolled fabric roses randomly placed around the ball with the fabric squares surrounding them.

Why I chose Etsy

I chose Etsy to host my shop because from most of the wedding sites that I belonged to while planning my wedding, a lot of people were commenting on how much they loved shopping for their weddings on Etsy!  I checked Etsy out when I decided I wanted to continue wedding d├ęcor crafting and saw that no one was making pomanders the way I did (good or bad, haven’t found out yet!) so I felt confident that what I was doing was unique.

What does a day of crafting look like for me

I am definitely not a full-time crafter.  I have a 2 ½ year old little one and my crafting takes place after he goes to bed at night.  I work full-time during the day so I don’t get to do too many late nights.  I guess when wedding season comes into full swing, I’ll see how many orders I (hopefully) get and will let you know then how tired I am!

Long term aspirations for my shop

I hope to make enough sales (come wedding season!) to keep myself busy in the evenings and make a little extra money to save for the honeymoon we never got to take.  Maybe in five (or ten?!?) years, we can renew our vows on a tropical beach somewhere.  Our at-home, outdoor wedding was rained out and moved indoors (which was not my “dream wedding plan”), so I am hoping another ceremony under the stars is in my future (I’ll make sure we don’t plan it for monsoon season!).


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  1. Your products a really nice! I think you'll do great!

  2. I'm sure you'll do fantastic this year! I love wedding decor and yours are unique. Thank you for sharing!


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