Monday, April 11, 2011

W.E.S.T. April Design Challenge: Earth Day

The WEST team design challenge for April is in honour of Earth Day (April 22nd).

The Earth Day website says:

For over 40 years, Earth Day—April 22—has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

I know of a ton of WEST members who use their talents and creativity to do their part in protecting, sustaining and celebrating our Earth.

Whether it be by using sustaining and eco-friendly materials in their creations:

Love Inside The Box Fine Silver Pendant - jake + cleo

Whether it be by celebrating the wonders of mother nature:

Bent: Fine Art Photo - Carla Dyck

Or whether it be by sharing and giving new life to vintage clothes and objects:

Vintage MOM Mug - Marathon1981

There are so many directions this challenge can take with such a diverse and amazingly talented team. We are all looking forward to the results!

Here's how it works. Check the ning and blog at the start of the month to get the inspiration topic. As you mull over what that particular idea means to you, jot down some notes in the discussion thread or leave a comment on the blog. Take pictures of your process and finished item and post them in the thread or in the Flickr group (with the tag W.E.S.T._dc). We would love to hear the story behind how you arrived at your finished object! I will blog the results of each month's challenge.

A few notes: Create something especially for the challenge. Entries for each month should be finished by the last day of the month. Vintage and supply sellers are welcome to participate, too, with a focus on artful photography and careful choice of item.

Happy Earth Day designing to all!


  1. oh great topic! I hope to actually participate this go round!!

  2. Thanks for using our necklace as an example! Earth Day is also my birthday...I'll have to great something extra special :)


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