Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craft Sale Organizers Listen Up!

Here's what I think....

Craft Sales:
The focus should be on the customer and what they want.

It's why we are there!

All the room for my big fat ass doesn't matter if there are no customers.

So, to that end -- double entendre intended and tongue planted firmly in cheek!

I would recommend craft sale organizers

1 - Ensure a varied selection of products that appeal to the target customer base by limiting the number of vendors with similar products

2 - Know who their target customer is and provide vendors for them (back to 1)

3 - Provide ample signage, parking and egress between vendors tables for all who may attend: children in strollers, walkers, canes, wheelchairs

4 - Advertise, advertise, advertise - and be clear what type of sale it is - You can't call it a craft sale alone if you allow non local handmade. It then becomes Craft & Trade, Craft & Vintage, Handmade & Imported From China but we'll pretend it's Handmade....whatever....

5 - Consider conflicting events when setting date, timing for major events such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Earth Day, Star Trek Anniversary....

6 - Charge a reasonable table fee that both allows the event to meet it's fundraising goal and meets the current market for vendor table fees: which relates table price to attendence (ie. I expect proportionally more customers when I pay $500 than when I pay $50 and frankly when I pay $20 I expect nothing but a good visit with my table neighbours, there is no advertising budget from a $20 table...IMHO)

7 - Be open to feedback from customers and vendors, learn and grow together

8 - Understand that they will never make everyone happy and that the success of a craft sale lies 50/50 between themselves and the vendors and that there are vendors that do not accept this fact

9 - Provide reasonable comfort for customers: washrooms, ventilation, sufficient lighting and handicap/stroller access

10 - Communicate sale expectations, rules and set up conditions with vendors prior to the event so vendors can select based on their needs and expectations

11- Accept my sincere thanks for all they do! Without them I would not be able to interact directly with my customers - thanks!!!

All my opinion of course!


  1. Great way to say it all! I especially love your comment on the imorted from china but we'll pretend it'a handmade! I've seen that!


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