Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature Friday: Nancy Blokland Pottery

I am Nancy Blokland of Nancy Blokland Pottery, a passionate potter and mom.  I have been fascinated with clay since my first opportunity when I was 12 years old with a creative junior high teacher.  When I decided to go into the helping professions, I heard about “burn out” and thought the creative process of making functional pottery would be a good balance to dealing with people’s difficulties and sadness. I was right.  Almost thirty years later I am still working with people and at nights, weekends, or spare moments my motto is Muddy Mama.

I am inspired by colours, leaves in the garden and how I can incorporate them, and the endless possibilities of the clay. I consider it an honour to make functional pottery that people use in their daily meals and their celebrations.  Food and how it is served is important to me.  All my glazes are food safe, and my work is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  Every mug and teapot are made and later purchased with lots of thought and attention to detail. 

I have developed a blog, as a running journal of trying to balance all my passions at and am on Facebook as NancyBloklandPottery.  I sell in a variety of venues around Manitoba, the Craft Cupboard, Dalnavert Museum, Savoir Faire on Henderson Hwy, the Pembina Hills Art Gallery in Morden, Manitoba.  I enjoy meeting with customers live and in person so I  participate in Scattered Seeds and other shows such as the Vineyard Sale and the Pineridge Hollow Farmer’s Market.  I am a member of Uniquely Manitoba and a proud member of WEST on Etsy.

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