Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Colour Trends Design Challenge Entry #1

It's only November 3 and we have our first entry in the November Design Challenge!

Susana from lemon dear made a very cool moustache calender for 2012:

2012 calendar. Printable PDF. Original illustrations. Moustaches by lemondear

Susana writes:
Ever since I was a child, I've always found moustaches to be absolutely charming - and I don't mean just Clark Gable and John Waters' cooler than cool pencil thin moustaches. My fascination has always included the magical bearded lady of the amusement parks, fairs and circuses of yore, and of course, Groucho Marx's grease moustache and the millions of imitations that followed in the form of "funny guy" masks. While thinking of a calendar idea, something one will see all through the year, I thought: I'd like to see colourful moustaches. It was a huge aid to have this challenge and the Pantone colours available, since I am still a bit scared about colour--hence one of the lines of my manifesto goes "Do not be afraid of colour." This was a perfect chance to run wild with the amazing hues presented. Using the suggested colours was like writing an exquisite corpse: no one knows what the previous verse was or what the following one will be, but somehow, they match beautifully.

You can find more of Susana's embroidery patterns, embroidered hoop art, customized colouring books and 2012 calendars in her lemon dear shop!

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