Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Shows and Farmer's Market Tips for Vendors

I like many of you, am constantly searching for ideas to improve my show experience and sales.  I never stop learning and like new ideas for booth display. In my search for ideas tonight I came across a listing through Pinterest that I thought would be worth sharing.  It's a good overall listing about how to improve your visibility at shows, and hopefully sales.  Hope it's beneficial to all you Westies and others.

Today’s display tips are coutresy of adornedbyrobin. They originally appeared as a post on the Etsy forums, and she was kind enough to allow us to reprint them here.

  1. Raise your tables. I did this using bed risers from Bed Bath & Beyond.
  2. Make sure your table covers reach the floor. This gives it a finished look and hides your storage boxes. My covers are actually long strips of fabric wrapped around the tables and duct taped (I duct tape, velcro and hot glue EVERYTHING lol). Then I added black fabric panels to the table tops.
  3. Have multiple levels. This serves several purposes. It allows more merchandise to be displayed in a small area. It adds visual interest. It brings your product to the eye level of the shopper.
  4. Make sure there is visual contrast between your display colors and your product so your merchandise will stand out.
  5. Lots of light. (This may be more important for jewelry than anything else. We need that sparkle!) A well lit display will attract more attention than one that just blends in with the others. If the venue charges more for electric, pay it.
  6. You must have a sign and/or banner. Make it visually similar to your other marketing materials. I had a woman come looking for me and she recognized my sign because it is the same style and colors as my business cards. In fact, the look of your display, Etsy shop and marketing materials should all tie together well.
  7. If you want to sit, sit high! Get a bar height director’s chair so you will always be at eye level of your buyers.
  8. Space permitting, have a separate small pay-out table. This moves the buyer away from the front of the display so others can move in to look. It also allows for a wrapping area if necessary. I keep my mailing list sign-up book there. While I write up the receipt and package the purchase, the buyer can sign up for future event notifications.
  9. If you accept credit cards (and you should) have a sign saying so. I’ve had people stop at my booth simply because they could use their Visa with me.
  10. This is an odd tip I’m just gonna throw in to make an even 10: At outdoor shows I always have a bowl of wrapped candies, but I also bring dog treats. So many people bring their dogs everywhere they go and always appreciate the thought.

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