Sunday, June 10, 2012

WEST Summer Promotion: Flatlanders Soap Co.

If you're like me, you may have never heard of felted soap. Check it out below from Flatlanders Soap Co. and you'll be converted. An awesome product from an awesome shop (who just so happens to be participating in the WEST Summer Promotion Giveaway as well).

Flatlanders Soap Co. specializes in simple, high quality handmade soaps that offer you a luxurious and rich moisturizing lather.

From the Flatlanders Soap Co. profile:

I come from a long line of crafters and artisans - family who knitted, sewed, wood worked, needle worked, quilted, among many other crafts. I wish more of them were still around so I could learn from them.

Besides soap making, I enjoy gardening, knitting, fashion, reading, and traveling. I would really like to learn how to hand make lace. I like dioramas and tacos.

I came to make soap because I have allergies to certain scents and have very sensitive skin, my body just cannot tolerate the harsh fragrance and chemicals in commercially made soap. I make my soap for people like me with sensitivities and allergies, but also for those who are conscious about avoid exposure to chemicals that may have ill effects on our bodies. Also people who like to be clean.


And as promised, check out these felted soaps:

Handmade Peppermint Soap

*3 aqua and white soap balls
*Natural and simple ingredients
*One of a kind
*Wet and needle felted
*Approximately 5 oz. (140 g)

Ingredients: Vegetable oil shortening, water, coconut oil, olive oil, lye, peppermint essential oil, 100% merino wool.

Flatlanders felted soap creates a rich and moisturizing lather which gently exfoliates even the most sensitive skin.

These soap balls are ideal for hand soap.

Our felted soap lasts approximately 3 times as long as a regular bar of soap and is a beautiful addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

We recommend that you place your soap in a draining soap dish, that is, do not let it sit in standing water; this will ensure that your soap lasts as long as possible (see our shop for draining soap dishes).

If you have yet to experience felted soap, it is used just like a regular bar of soap, wet your hands or body, wet the soap, and rub it on your skin. Lather will come through the felt and it will gently exfoliate your skin. The colour will not run. The wool will continue to shrink with the bar of soap and you will be left with a small piece of felt when the soap is gone.

Leftover felt can be used in a variety of ways. I like to use it as a pot scrubber to get all the remaining soap residue out and then I cut it up into small pieces and put it in my compost bin. You can also put a few drops of your favorites essential oil on it and use it as a room or drawer freshener. Large pieces can be used as an alternative to dryer sheets - wet the felt and put it in about 5 minutes before your load is done.


If you'd like to keep up with Sarah from Flatlanders Soap Co. please check out the following links:

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And if you'd like a chance to win the item featured above along with 15 other fabulous WEST creations, please visit this treasury link and leave a thoughtful comment on the treasury page.  Simple!

*** Only comments on the treasury itself count for entry into the giveaway.  But you're more than welcome to introduce yourself, ask questions or profess your new found love for felted soaps in the comments below****

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