Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WEST Summer Promotion: SoGa Soap and Cupfakery

Today we feature a luxury item from SoGa Soap and Cupfakery.

SoGa Soap and Cupfakery specializes in Simply Delicious creations.

From the SoGa Soap and Cupfakery profile:

I make everything using only vegan ingredients. Even our packaging, although using plastic, is totally recyclable. We have accreditation through the International Vegetarian Union. None of our products are tested on animals, although when I emerge from my lab space in the basement, my dog and cat always greet me!

Our bubble bath ingredients are composed of both natural and naturally derived ingredients. They are SLS free. Our soaps are made using organic and sustainable oils. Our scrubs and creams are paraben free.

We've been selling retail through the local markets here in Winnipeg, and online. I love meeting my customers face to face and getting the direct feedback, but now I think it's time to try and reach out a little more. That's when I saw Etsy, and most of my facebook friends joining your collective. I thought, what a fabulous idea, and I'd love to be a part of that!


Check out this item:

We decided to make our own (vegan) version of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap, a favorite of many due to its gentle cleansing. Our version contains oatmeal, coconut milk and agave nectar for a similar experience without compromising our commitment to remain animal free.

This bar lathers beautifully! (We tested it on ourselves!) and without scent, a great choice for those with sensitivities.

SoGa bars are handmade in small batches, with only organic and sustainable oils used in their creation.

Wetting the hard bar exudes natural fragrance into the air, slightly scenting your skin. The balance of creamy moisturizing bubbles with the cleansing action of the larger rainbow coloured ones will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated as well as clean!

Each handmade SoGa bar retains its own natural glycerin, keeping your skin smooth and soothed. SoGa bars are made with vegan ingredients, with custom blends of essential and fragrant oils to add the wonderful scent that you will not find anywhere else.

Our bars will last many weeks when cared for properly, so keep out of the flow or pool of water to extend its life! SoGa soap is perfect for baby, new mom, or anyone that suffers from ultra-sensitive skin. You simply won't find a more gentle soap.


If you'd like to keep up with SoGa Soap and Cupfakery please visit the following links:
SoGa Soap and Cupfakery on Etsy
SoGa Soap and Cupfakery on  Facebook
SoGa Soap and Cupfakery Website
SoGa Soap and Cupfakery on Twitter

And if you'd like a chance to win the item featured above along with 15 other fabulous WEST creations, please visit this treasury link and leave a thoughtful comment on the treasury page.  Simple!

*** Only comments on the treasury itself count for entry into the giveaway.  But you're more than welcome to introduce yourself, ask questions or talk about delicious creations with Louise in the comments below****

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