Monday, August 27, 2012

Out of the earth, and into the fire

This expression as I read it, was making a reference to the pottery process, but I think it applies to all those who feel the desire and compulsion to create something from raw materials and make it their own. Sometimes they are willing to take the risk to venture into the marketplace and face the slings of arrows of public critique which can be very harsh at times. 

It is endlessly rewarding when a person sees something we make and it resonates with them enough for them to  make a purchase for themselves or someone in their circle.  It is also equally painful when people look at our work, and say "my aunt took a class once" and "she made those".  That's fine, but you have no idea how many hours or revisions of each piece we have done before bringing it to market.  We are showing our expressions of creativity not to be measured against anyone else's.

I have a standard story that I tell about doing craft fairs where people come up to my booth of handmade pottery and say "did you make that yourself?".  I have come to tell that them that I do, I do not have "staff".  I think they sometimes just don't know what else to say.  I love watching when people have an appreciation for the time and devotion it takes to make handmade, so to all of you, thanks, You keep me doing this after more than 25 years.  Bravo to all those who are brave enough to venture into the marketplace, courage and determination as we go into the fall sale season.  We know why we do this, and what keeps us at it.  One piece at a time.

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