Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where WESTies Create: Episode 2, NancyBloklandPottery

I am Nancy Blokland, of NancyBloklandPottery, a functional potter in Winnipeg.  I am in my 29th year of my love affair with clay, and in my 2nd year on Etsy where my shop is NancyBloklandPottery. I am a supporter of handmade and have been doing crafts of one kind or another since I was nine years old, when my mother taught me to knit, I learned to embroider and an auntie taught me broomstick lace which I don't think anyone does anymore.

My space in the basement of my house is very small and congested, as it is a converted bedroom with a closet reducing the space. It is functional but not very inspiring. I am hoping to tackle the issue of walls over the next few months when production demands are typically lower. 

My wedging table and where I do my handbuilding and store the clay, new and reclaimed.
Glazes stored in buckets

Trimmings from the pots


Lace doilies, handmade, rescued from an MCC Thrift store, that will be rolled into clay and become trays, bowls, soap dishes and more!


Pots drying for the bisque, which broke this week and after 300.00 plus is reportedly in working order again.

This is my studio, and it is probably evident why I call my blog, Muddy Mama. Here are some photos of my little space in my basement where I obviously don't spend a lot of time cleaning, but work gets done. Pottery is not tidy, that is for sure!


  1. thanks for sharing Nancy, it really is a wonderfully messy craft isn't it?

  2. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us Nancy! It's nice to see where all that clay gets thrown and then turns into your beautiful pieces!

  3. i love these features! i have no idea how you work the lace into the clay...


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