Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting to Know... Alisia from Adorables by Alisia!

A new addition to the WEST blog is "Getting to Know You!" - an opportunity to get to know our members a bit more beyond their shops. Since this was my brilliant idea...hahaha....I  figured I should be the first one to take the plunge!  So HI!  I'm Alisia!  The handsome man is my hubby Jeff, and the cute Pug is my fur baby Lily!

1.      What is your shop name? AdorablesByAlisia

2.      What do you create and sell? Crocheted Stuffs!

3.      What inspired you to go along this handmade/vintage trek?  When my nieces’ were still little specks in their mamas’ bellies, I picked up crocheting again.  My mom and grandma had knitting needles or a crochet hook in my hand as early as I can remember and as life so often gets in the way, I had let it go over the past few years! Once the little ones were born, the mamas had lots of requests on “where to get that” item I made for baby, and it expanded from there.
4.      Where do you create?  In my condo in the Exchange District!  LOVE IT!

5.      Do you have another job other than your Etsy Shop? Yep, I’m an occupational therapist.

6.      What’s your “motto?”  Keep chugging along…just like the little engine that could!

7.     What would be your perfect day?  On the beach in Puerto Vallarta, re-reading Valley of the Dolls (again…) with my hubby on one side, and my pooch sitting under my beach chair!

8.    What is your favorite word? Now, my favourite word to say?  Because it’s poo and makes me laugh every time…. I am a giant 6 year old. Or my favourite inspirational word? Because that’s “breathe” – it’s a word that always reminds me to centre myself when things are crazy!

9.    What is your least favorite word? Can’t

10.  What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Family

11.  What turns you off? Negativity

12.  What sound or noise do you love? Nieces' laughter

13.  What sound or noise do you hate? Bones cracking….ech….

14.  What Etsy-Inspired work other than your own would you like to attempt and why?  Sewing/Fashion Design - I can sew, but don’t have the patience for it, and would love to be able to take the time and design plus-sized clothing!

15.  What Etsy-Inspired work would you not like to do and why?  Vintage selling because I’d never want to get rid of any of my finds, and would have to buy a bigger place to live…

16.  Show us some of your current favorite listings – well I’m currently on a short hiatus while I work out this whole business thing and fill some custom orders.  But here are my shop sites if you want to keep updated!

17.  Your “Famous Last Words?”  Love ya! Because you can’t say it enough to those you do.

Well, now you know me a little bit better!  Stay tuned on Thursdays to get to know more WESTies!


  1. Nice to get to know you more here Alisia! I hope that bones cracking is not a too familiar sound for you!

  2. wonderful post Alisia, so nice to know more about you!


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