Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where WESTies Create: Episode 8 AdorablesbyAlisia

Welcome to my home!  The home of Adorables by Alisia…Come on in!

Living in a basically open concept loft can be pretty challenging when it comes to having a workspace area. I TRY to confine myself to our little den right here…

Yes, it looks neat and tidy, but realize it’s not craft show season right now, so I’m able to keep things mostly under control… I will show you a few of my “secret” hiding spaces though. This is one of my favourite spaces in our loft. I’ve loaded it up with tons of pictures of family, friends and vacations; it’s a great place to curl up in my chair and crochet. I’m still in search of a great slip cover for the chair which was a free hand me down when my in-laws moved – hence the rust on rust tone I have going on….

I have a bit of a wool addiction, especially when I find a great sale. I like to stock up on fun colours and soft, cuddly feeling wool. I have yet to find a way to organize it, and more often than not, when I get an order and don’t want to plug through my pile, I go out and buy colours I most likely already have…


My husband HAAAATES this corner, as it tends to get pretty full and starts to push the chair away from the wall and further and further in to the hall. It’s currently housing my wool scraps, miscellaneous buttons and a load of bags for my newest project – making Plarn (or plastic bag yarn!).

This is my “office” and also my “photo studio.” We purchased this re-purposed dining table a few months ago, and it also happens to make a great back drop for my photos. The natural light is perfect for taking pictures here! My husband also works from home at times, so we spend many an hour working alongside each other. I love that I can look out my window while I work and see the beautiful Exchange District!  During Craft sale season, this area is usually over taken by stock and table set up things as well!

Another hiding place/creative storage area. Behind my clothes I keep a suitcase with any current stock I have on hand, vacuum packed to fit in as much as I can.  Keeping it this way is also helpful for transporting it to craft sales and such.  Some more bags for my “Plarn Project” are also stored here.

Well, that’s my space – it’s ever evolving like Etsy Shop and business. 

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