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WEST April Design Challenge Results

The theme for the WEST Design Challenge for April was "April Showers bring May Flowers." I think WEST members were thinking it really was "Will snow in April bring flowers in May?" as we braved the endless snow and continued to wait for spring. I guess all the snow kept members creative juices flowing while we stayed warm inside!
Here are all of this month's entries, in order of submission. This month we are doing something different--we're adding a poll at the end of this post for you to VOTE for your favourite submission! The poll will be open for one week, and the winner will receive a special spot of recognition on the blog for one month!

Puzzle Piece Flower Pendant - Rainbow - Chainmaille Inspired Jewelry by DragonNerd

Shaunna of DragonNerd notes: This is a collaboration between Mike and I - I saw some chainmaille flowers and thought - hey that would be cool with puzzle pieces! Also - chainmaille is hard. I have a new admiration for people who make it! :)

Adjustable Chainmaille Necklace 

(Japanese Lace with Austrian Crystal accent) 

18k Gold Plated Nickel Free by DarlingRing

Jamie Lee of DarlingRing shares: I chose an adjustable collar length or princess length Japanese lace chain maille necklace using mobius clusters. That was the easy decision, since Japanese lace if done properly can look like a series of flowers and mobius clusters themselves resemble little roses.

Then, to make the showers I added 2-2 chains and accented with light and dark blue AB Austrian crystals and added tiny jingle chains to the bottom to add a "tinkle-y" noise when you move. As a center focal I added an anodized aluminum mirror finish scale with a bright blue anodized aluminum scale that rests gently in the center of the collar bone.

Lilac artisan soap by SoGaSoap

Of her process, Louise of SoGaSoap notes: Very simple, really - sick of the snow snow snow!!! and want Spring to come  ♥

Spring Yarn Wreath. Charcoal Grey, Raspberry Pink, Purple, Aqua Blue, 

and Yellow Felt Flowers. Spring home decor, May Flowers by HeartfeltYarnWreaths

Katie of HeartfeltYarnWreaths says: I wanted something to represent both the pretty greys of Winter and early Spring, and also the rich, vibrant colours of Spring. This Spring Yarn Wreath has a rich, charcoal grey neutral base. It then comes to life with rich, vibrant coloured flowers in lemon yellow, raspberry pink, grape purple and aqua blue. A lush assortment of flowers blooms across nearly half of the 12 inch wreath. Say hello to Spring!

Floral Toffee or Biscuit Tin With Plastic Handle Robin's Egg Blue 

or Aqua With Pink Roses White Fleur De Lis by BitchinKitschKitchen

Lisa of BitchinKitschKitchen thought of Spring when she saw this tin and figured it would be a good entry in the challenge. Here's hoping Spring comes soon! 

Tibetan Silver Flower Necklace with Pink Agate Onyx and Double Chain by KristasJewellery

Krista of KristasJewellery notes: Once I read the theme I immediately thought of this Tibetan silver flower charm. I love its design! I paired it with a matching chain and pink agate onyx stones. Pink always reminds me of spring and summer. I thought this fun necklace would be perfect for a warm spring day!

12 Month Pretty Pink Knitted Skirt for Baby by Magination

Marlene of Magination shares: The variegated yarn makes the little green and pink bits look like little flowers. Hoping that spring will soon arrive!

Rose Gold Tear Drop Shaped Bangles- Three bangles made with Red Brass by aeliosdesign

Kat from aeliosdesign notes: I took the theme quite literally. "April showers bring May flowers" - each individual bangle is a rain drop; when you stack them together on your wrist they form a flower.

Aren't these fabulous entries? Now here's your chance to vote for your favourite:

The poll will close in one week, on Friday, April 26, at 7:00pm. The winner will receive the honour of a little feature spot on the blog sidebar for one month.

Poll is closed. The winner is HeartfeltYarnWreaths' Spring Yarn Wreath with 42% of the votes!

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  1. Congratulations Katie! That really is a beautiful wreath!


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