Saturday, June 22, 2013

Project Restyle: Bow Dress

Happy Friday everyone! I'm here today to share a 'Project Restyle' I did on my blog a few months ago.

I love finding dresses at the local thrift store and altering them into something trendy! Here's how I restyled this bow dress.

I currently have 3 of my storage shelves FULL of these 'projects' waiting to be done.
Here's the before and after!

First thing I did was decide how much shorter I wanted it. I took hem allowance into consideration, and it came to 35" total.

Here's what I did:
1. I realized that the dress kind of curved up on the sides, so I folded the dress in half
2. Because the hem was curved, I measured 4" up from the bottom at a few different spots and put a pin in as a guide for cutting.
3. Cut extra fabric off

4. For the hem, roll bottom edge up about 1/2 an inch
5. Roll it over again so that you don't have any of the raw edges showing
6. Pin the hem down, one pin about every 3 inches

7. Sew down the hem

8. Iron hem to ensure it is straight


PS. If you have a restyle or tutorial you would like to share, let us know or post your request in the blog update thread on the Etsy page! We'd love to share what you're working on :)

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