Monday, June 17, 2013

Where WESTies Create - Hand Sewn by Robyn

A new installment for our Where WESTies Create series, a true story of crime, passion and intrigue! Brought to you from Robyn's creative corner! OK, there's really no crime --- though I suspect that little cutie at the end of stealing hearts! And Robyn's passion for her family and her sewing clearly shines through. Enjoy readers.


I’m Robyn from Hand Sewn by Robyn and I am happy and slightly embarrassed at the same time to share my sewing space with you.

Through this unassuming door leading off from my living room is where I spend a large majority of my time. It is my laundry and freezer room. It is my storage and cleaning supply room. It is my creative space and my sewing room.

I proudly have three kids (aged 6, 4 and 16mos) and an athletic husband which leads to an obscene amount of laundry and the abnormal need for more toilet paper than a family should ever need on reserve. Given the amount of time I spend lovingly, or begrudgingly, in this room sorting laundry and delving in and out of the small freezer, there is no more appropriate place in the house for my sewing machine. I might as well throw in my second load of the day and sew something up quick before the washing machine hits the spin cycle.

As you can see, my fabric collection is slowly starting to overwhelm the small space. I pre-wash it, nicely fold it and promptly shove it into whatever crevasse it will fit in after coming to the realization I’m going to have to iron it out later anyway. However, when I step back and look at my fabric stash I see potential. I see the “when I have time” personal projects, the “soon to be made” new Etsy shop product and the “what was I thinking when I bought that” fabric.

Snap back to reality! My fabric daydreams are usually interrupted by one of my children hollering at me that they are hungry. Again. Hungry. I turn my gaze and navigate over the piles of sorted laundry dotting the floor and make my way to the kitchen to obtain snacks for the kids for the third time this particular afternoon and return to my sewing machine in the same manner. And barring a moment free of interruptions, I am busy churning out product.

My client list is ever growing, my Etsy orders are rolling in and my to-sew list is perpetual. I spend my time much deeper in my room. I drive past the initial mental impression of chaos, turn on my sewing machine, take a deep breath and look around. I see the small reminders about why I love this space. I am cocooned in here. I am surrounded by colourful fabric waiting and ready to be transformed by my hands into something great.

I see my home-made flower pin cushion and matching needle envelope. The large pink buttons make me smile on even the most rewarding (read: challenging) days with my kids.

I see the awkward toilet paper dispenser screwed in the wall to accommodate my Winnipeg-thrifty-size spools of thread.

I see yet-to-be-perfected and soon-to-be-listed items for my Etsy shop.

And most often, I look down and see the big blue eyes and crazy curly hair of my youngest son staring back at me. A reminder that my children are the most rewarding creative challenge I have ever or will ever have.

Thanks so much for sharing Robyn! Check out her Etsy shop.

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  1. It was so great to meet you last night! My creating space is in my laundry room too!


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