Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who's New Tuesday: Cloud 9 Fiberworks

It's time to meet another new member to the WEST team, Daria Rakowksi

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Winnipeg! I have lived in several other countries but so far I keep coming back.

What is your Etsy shop name?
Cloud 9 Fiberworks
When did you start your Etsy shop?
Cloud 9 opened in 2011

Why did you decide to start a shop on Etsy?
I tend to sell most of my yarn and fiber and patterns at in-person events like fiber fairs or retreats but I was finding that people wanted to be able to browse on an ongoing basis or purchase something after they had seen it in person. An Etsy shop seemed like the easiest way to do that. It has been fun to interact with people and sometimes meet them at events.

What do you sell?
I sell hand dyed yarns and fibers and knitting patterns, and on occasion knitted samples (when it's time to refresh the display!) or knitting accessories.

What is your favorite item to make?
Dyeing yarn has to be the best part of my day. Colour, texture, a little bit of math...it is the best creative challenge there is!

What are your long-term Etsy goals?
My second quarter goals for this year include spending more time making my Etsy shop more appealing and increasing my online sales. Overall, I really enjoy interacting with people so my primary focus will stay on attending fiber festivals/craft sales, teaching at retreats and potentially having my yarn carried in a few brick and mortar stores.

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  1. I saw those hand dyed yarns up close at our garden party last month. So beautiful.


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