Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How not to set up for a show

Here is how not to set up at a show. Of course it was a little late when I saw this photo of my display at  a recent sale. It is always good to remember that shoppers often feel overwhelmed when they enter a sale, and visually take very little time to see each booth. I find most successful retail stores use colour blocking effectively so people are drawn into the part of the display that speaks to them.

Here is my own example of what not to do:

Too many colours, and no one theme:

Here is a better example of colour blocking:

Folding shelving units and/or risers on a table really help to add visual interest and add to your space, which is often limited. Good luck in this frenetic and hectic sales season!

Nancy Blokland Pottery, to see more of my disasters and successes check on my blog: NancyBloklandPottery@blogspot.com

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