Monday, October 21, 2013

Who's New Monday: Stitch Kitten Designs

It's Monday and you know what that means!  Please welcome new WESTie, Laura Wiebe

Where are you from?
Winnipeg, MB

What is your Etsy shop name?
Stitch Kitten Designs

When did you start your Etsy shop?
I opened the beginning of March, 2013, although I've been working on my inventory since mid-February.

Why did you decide to start an Etsy shop?
I have always followed creative pursuits. I was thinking for a long time now about selling my work; I would get a lot of compliments and just sell to friends. I think the only reason it took me this long to open a shop is because I do a lot of diverse things. So I looked to another love of mine--fashion--to define my shop. I love vintage items--the ones I sell and use for handmade projects are mostly from my own collection that I might not be able to keep because of space, and some are from thrift stores or estate sales.

What do you sell?
Right now my store has my scarves and vintage jewelry, handmade jewelry and other handmade accessories. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my first handbag.

What is your favorite item to make?
Although I'm really having fun with making jewelry, I think my first love are yarn-based projects. I really love doing lacy crochet accessories such as dress gloves and wraps.

What are your long-term Etsy goals?
I like running my own business. I started with a $15 investment and have turned that into nearly $300 of inventory supplies. Really, I would just love if I could continue creating things for people but if it could be a moderate monetary success I wouldn't complain about that either.

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