Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to School Design Challenge Entries

This is a few weeks later than expected, and we're already back to school, but here are the entries for our last design challenge. The theme for the latest WEST Design Challenge was Back to School. WESTies were encouraged to design or curate something focused on getting back into the rhythm of the school year

Here are all of this month's entries, in order of submission. There is a poll at the end of this post. VOTE for your favourite submission! The poll will be open for one week, and the winner will receive a special spot of recognition on the blog for one month. 

Laura from Prairie Peasant says: Most people think of books when they think of back to school. Books to read and books to write or journal in, either with words or visually. I use old unwanted books to make blank books for somebody new to enjoy in a new way. This book offers the owner the opportunity to write their own story and enjoy the journey!

Down Story Roads Rebound Journal by Prairie Peasant

Andrea from We Are Bound Together says: Back to School means new school supplies, and of course books! Whether back to hitting the books, or back to having a quiet house and having time to curl up with your creative thoughts or artwork. This blank artist quality book is bound with a new colour of leather, perfect for autumn.

Stephanie from Prairie Winter says: I am a teacher to lovely grade 5 and 6 students, and I've been putting up my new bulletin boards and getting new plants for the classroom this week. Everyone knows the best part of school was getting that new backpack in exactly the colour you wanted. 

Instead of backpacks, though, I love to make tote bags. The bags I make are surprisingly roomy on the inside and are perfect for books, money, keys, lunch and phone. They are definitely geared towards high school or university students, or really anybody who has stuff to carry. This one is in deep gold tones with a hand-cut tree and beautiful owls.

Jeanette from Netties Express says: Back to school makes me think of fall, crunching leaves, crisp autumn air, the smell of books, meeting friends every day and of course solving math problems. This "Math sign" is perfect for those who love to think back to their school days. Hang it in your child's room, give to a teacher, or if you're someone who is home schooling your children, you can hang this up in your school room.

Nancy from Nancy Blokland Pottery says: Fall is the time for studying or helping children do homework...we need fuel to give us the energy for all these things..what better than a coffee mug marked FUEL

Vote for your favourite design challenge entry on the poll below. Only one vote is allowed, so be sure to choose your fave!

The poll will close on the first day of autumn, September 23, at 6 pm, and the result will be posted then. The talented winner will receive a spot of recognition on the WEST blog for one month.

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