Monday, March 9, 2015

Customer Service Sundays ft Just The Goods!

Welcome back to Customer Service Sundays! What better way to bring back Sunday posts featuring WESTies that go the extra mile for you, than to sit down with Milena of Just The Goods!

"Hi everyone!

Milena from Just the Goods, here =-)

WESTies care a great deal about customer service, and given this opportunity to share some thoughts with you, I'd love to mention the things I like to do so each person who contacts me and/or makes a purchase knows that they matter.

Yes, I always write a personal note on each parcel packing slip, and I always include a free sample with every parcel sent by mail but -- based on the feedback I've received -- it appears that the most important customer service I deliver takes place well before a purchase is ever made, and that's offering personalized advice and/or tips.

I am happy to spend time each day with people to help them clarify their skin care needs and this involves helping them read/understand the ingredients listed in their current skin care products, and explaining the types of issues that can be caused by these ingredients in relation to their current concerns. For example, I receive many messages from people with acne prone skin that is both greasy and flaking. In fact, this problem is far more common that most people realize and it can usually be traced back to the alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and other drying ingredients in so many conventional, petrochemical-based products. And, the more and more I receive messages from people, the more I'm able to recognize patterns and offer assistance. No, I'm not a doctor or a registered health professional of any other kind, but I can share my observations while keeping in mind that the condition of our skin is affected by a range of issues including the products we use.

With that being said, I'm totally a-okay with sharing my accumulated knowledge even when I realize someone might apply that to purchases elsewhere. It's not only the sale that matters, but helping people access information that they might not have had an opportunity to explore prior =-) That's genuinely important to me, and I'm glad those who find Just the Goods feel the same way =-)

So if you ever have any questions, please know that you can always ask -- I do my very best to reply as quickly as possible =-)

Milena / Just the Goods"

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