Sunday, May 31, 2015

Customer Service Sundays with Patti of Wildwoodrose Vintage!

How do WESTies go the extra mile for you? This Sunday we visit with Patti of Wildwoodrose Vintage to learn about her awesome customer service!

'I ensure that each purchase has a handwritten "thank you" card as well as my business card enclosed. The card thanks the customer for the purchase and also asks them if they would be so kind as to leave me a shop review when the item arrives. This has really been working for me and my shop reviews. The business card has my phone number in case they wish to reach me. I have had customers reach out to simply thank me or call to ask me if I have other items that they may be looking for that are not currently listed in my shop. This has brought me repeat customers! 

Due to the fact that my curated vintage pieces are all one of a kind items I want to ensure that they arrive to the customer in a timely and trackable fashion. I gift wrap all items in tissue paper and ship in bubble mailers or boxes specific to items such as shoes and hats. I promote my vintage collection as classy items therefore, I ship classy as well. I ship everything in North America using a tracking number through Canada Post or Fedex. If my items are over $500 I usually offer free shipping. Smaller International orders are wrapped in the same fashion but I send via Small Packet Air as the shipping rates are very high for tracked packages. 
I always answer convos as soon as I possibly can. I respond with close up photos that relate to the questions that the potential customers ask and offer a 48 hour reserve should they be interested. 
Even though the Customer may not always be right, I do my best to treat them as if they are.'

Patti of Wildwoodrose Vintage
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