Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tutorial Tuesday with MellowCrafts87

This Tutorial Tuesday, we visit with Ashley of Mellow Crafts. Read on to learn Ashley's tips on upcycling something old into something new - that is, in the wonderful world of displays! Alright, now, off we go!..


With the application out for the spring sale, I thought that it would be a good time to start talking about inexpensive DIY ideas for how to display your items.

My shop is filled with natural handmade bath and beauty. I found an old medicine chest in the basement. It had some water stains and paint was chipped. But for $2 I was able to transform it into a cute display.

I got the patterned sticky paper at Dollarama for $2 a roll and this will last you FOREVER! I cut sizes for the backing only of the shelf, and there we go, a cute display for products. It also provides a cute background when taking pictures.

Another idea for a display is to make your own form to display scarfs, necklaces, etc. With some Elmer’s Glue and old newspaper I made the form below to display my scarfs. Total was $5 and that was for a huge tube of glue. You can also use modpodge in place of the glue.

I started by wrapping a form I already had in plastic wrap. I then ripped the newspaper into squares and strips and soaked in the glue. After wrapping one layer, I let it dry and repeated for 3 more layers. I did have to cut the form from the back to get off my previous form, but a little take and it was still good.. You don’t need to do this next step but I added a piece of Styrofoam into the bottom, just to give it a bit more stability and to fill in the bottom.

Another form that I did was for lighter scarfs that was made out of Styrofoam board and some extra material I had. This project was about $1.25 for 3 forms.

I simply drew an outline of the shape I wanted on the board and cut them out, I then drew a few little “feet” for it. Using my hot glue gun I put the feet on the board and then having fabric right side down and then the form on the fabric, pulling tightly and gluing the end down, cutting off any excess.

Finally the last way that I made inexpensive displays for my items was spray paint. At one of the Etsy team meetings I was given an old display. I simply spray painted with my choice of paint and that’s it. A perfect display for my lipstick and glosses. I can’t wait to use this at the next upcoming sales I have planned for this year.



To see more in-depth instructions and other projects that I have completed visit my blog at: https://mellowcrafts.wordpress.com/

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