Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WESTie Wednesday : ft Peachy Green Eco

WESTie Wednesday with Robyn of Peachy Green Eco!

Welcome to WESTie Wednesday, where each week we get to know a proud WEST member and their Etsy shop! Learn about Robyn and her shop Peachy Green Eco.

Peachy Green Eco sells a selection of handcrafted items that are all natural or up-cycled from locally sourced materials. The bird seed ornaments, brown sugar hand scrubs & vintage baby bottle terrariums make wonderful gifts & favours for any wedding, corporate function, bridal shower, baby shower or just as a gift for a friend. The wooden buttons are a great addition to any piece of clothing you are making or to add as little show piece to a bag or hat. The up-cycled plaid smocks & aprons are perfect for anyone. Use them to keep your clothes clean while doing crafts, baking or as an everyday bib for your kids.

"Peachy Green Eco came to be out of my love of crafting, owning a small event planning business & a love of nature. I am always doing something new such as the small things you see in the shop all the way to making locally sourced building materials such as mud plaster for a straw bale building. So far I haven't found a craft I haven't been a fan of!" "The bird seed ornaments that you see on the shop were originally a craft night project that didn't quite turn out with the recipe I had found but I was really in love with the idea of making something truly eco-friendly & that would help feed some of our little winged friends here in our cold winters so I came up with my own recipe. These are by far my biggest sellers for wedding, birthday & shower favours & make great little gifts at Christmas time."
"The sugar hand scrubs were another craft night idea but this time I came up with my own recipe right from the start that was free of any harmful chemicals, phosphate free & eco-friendly, being gentle on your hands while exfoliating or getting dirt off after an afternoon in the garden."

"The wooden buttons are sourced from trees right here on my property & the wood was harvested with the trees health in mind (properly pruned branches that posed harm to the tree, had been broken in a storm or fell off on their own). I originally wasn't going to sell them & made them to replace the plastic buttons on my winter coat but with the responses I received & people asking where I got them I decided to put them up for sale as well. These are my favourite item!"

"The up-cycled plaid shirt aprons & smocks are all locally sourced shirts from thrift stores & were a project that I started out making just for my nieces & nephews so their moms would have relatively clean kids at the end of doing some afternoon crafts. I then ventured into adult sizes & they quickly became a hit. They are a lot of fun to make and have really pushed me to learn a lot more about my serger! Please see the current selections or contact me with your size & colour preference!"

"Lastly the vintage baby bottle terrariums are the newest arrival to the shop. The vintage bottles were found here in Winnipeg & too good of a deal to pass up. I was originally going to just use the bottles as rentals & decorations for baby showers that I plan & set up with my business but with having more than I would ever need for one shower I started planting in them. My favourites have to be the tiny cactus or air plant versions (available by special request)."

We asked Robyn “Why Etsy?”
"My Etsy shop came to be because of my event planning business, Peachy Green Events, with having clients interested in my bird seed favours for different events they were having & has expanded from there."

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