Friday, April 8, 2016

Foodie Friday : Super Easy Greek Yogurt

Learn how to make your own delicious Greek yogurt at a fraction of the cost of store bought, and without specialized equipment. I started making yogurt this summer, and my family loves it!

Super Easy Greek Yogurt

Whole milk
Small carton of plain yogurt

You can make this recipe with any amount of whole milk, just adjust accordingly. I will give directions for 4 litres.

- Pour 4 litres of whole milk into a large pot.
- Put on high heat for 10 mins.
- Stir so it does not burn.
- When it starts to foam around the edges, take off the heat, and leave for 45 mins.
- Stir and check the temperature. It should have cooled enough to give to a baby.
- Now you whisk in your small carton of yogurt. This is the only time you will need to buy plain yogurt. The next time you will have your own starter.

- Put the lid on, and put the pot in the oven. Do not turn the oven on. It is put in there mainly to stay warm and out of the way. If you prefer to leave it out, you can cover it with a beach towel.
- Leave for 8 hours or more. I have forgotten it in the oven for 24+ hours, makes no difference!
- Take the lid off and give it a good stir. At this point you will have 4 litres of regular plain yogurt.
- Stop now if you prefer! Just remember to take out about ¾ cup of the yogurt and hide it in the fridge, this is going to be your starter for step 6 the next time you make it.
- For thick creamy Greek yogurt, strain it through cheesecloth or a tea towel, in the fridge. This can be done for a couple of hours, or overnight for super thick. The whey that drains out is pure protein which can be saved and added to soups, smoothies, etc.

I add homemade jam or honey, or plain if I want sour cream.


Recipe by Lorraine of Urban Wool 59

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  1. Oh this is fabulous! I have been wanting to make my own yogurt for a while but it seemed to complicated or required special tools.


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