Sunday, December 14, 2008

hi Everyone :]

My names Leigh-Ann and my shop is Freckled Nest. I make lots of fun things, but I mostly work with paper, making albums and kits & custom stitching on bags. Freckled Nest had our 2 year shop anniversary this past September, and I've had a good balance of success thru etsy. It's one of my favorite places to be inspired and shop; I love the handmade :]

I'm into lots of different crafts and art forms but I'm especially drawn to anything with buttons, polka dots and stitching. All my favorite things :]

I have a daily blog at and Flickr, Youtube and my new favorite, Listo!

I hope we all get to know each other :)

Stay Warm! It's nippy out!


PS. Thru December, I'm doing daily giveaways :] You're all welcome to enter :)

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  1. Hi Leigh-Ann - nice to meet you. heehee. Your christmas crafts are wicked and the give-aways are so great. Thanks for first posts. Now you get a prize.


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