Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jill Munro of Urban Nostalgia

Jill Munro
BLOG: UrbanNostalgiaJournal.blogspot.com

Hi there! I'm Jill. My passion is for vintage. I work out of a colorful space on the 3rd floor of the Old House Revival Company in Winnipeg. If you've been there, it's pretty recognizable for it's way out 50's and 60's furniture and decor. I also love vintage clothing and introduced Lunevintage on Etsy this summer. Since then, I've brought a lot of my collection into the local shop, and am thrilled to find that it's even more successful locally!

BeyondtheValley is my crafty Etsy shop. This fall I designed Anatomy Jack and Jill, felt dolls with organs worn outside their bodies. I work at a school and the idea came to me when presented with a challenge of bringing the concept of internal organs to a special needs student I work with. The name for the dolls was derived from the Anatomy Jane doll referred to in Greys Anatomy.

Creating things makes me happy. I especially love working with vintage materials to make something new and unexpected. Recently I'm loving hand painting on retro luggage, vanity cases and wallets.

Every day is a new chance to learn something new. I'm so excited that we can all have a chance to share what makes us happy here on our new Winnipeg street team!

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