Saturday, October 10, 2009

no longer lurking

Greetings to all.

My name is Kami of I joined this group in the summer and I will now introduce myself to the rest of you, who I am looking forward to meeting at the Costume Museum craft sale next month, those who will be there.

So I'm a born and raised Winnipegger and I really do love this city despite the bizarre weather that might drive some people elsewhere.

I'm a student (taking the year off) mother (of one extremely wacky 13month old) wife (of an amazing musician) and crafter/artist/vintage hunter (making a little bit of a living). I also work at EAT! Bistro in Aqua books, during the day, all of which keep me pretty busy and most of the time I feel like a hermit ... so I look forward to meeting new people with similar interests.

I like to sew, paint, felt, draw, crochet (but I'm not very good) and do pottery. For those who haven't checked out Art City yet, they have an amazing adult pottery program (amongst other things) on Tuesdays evenings from 4-8, drop in. All free, clay, glaze and firing. Seriously ... really fun.

Those interested in knowing more about me and what I do and want to see pictures, I have a blog of my own.




  1. welcome Kami! nice to meet you, great shop - I`ve enjoyed looking at it!


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