Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Wire Ribbon Bags

You will need
Wire edged ribbon - width your choice, use whatever you have around the house
Glue Gun
Calloused fingers or a ruler

Cut a 7" length of ribbon and fold the wrong side together leaving about a 1" edge showing, this edge will make the flap, you can make it larger if you wish, but it will make your bag smaller.

Fold over a small seam allowance on the 1" edge.

Glue the small seam together with your hot glue gun. Press the edge down with your fingers (if you can tolerate the heat) or use a ruler to smooth the edge out.

Glue the wrong side edges together and smooth out with your fingers or a ruler.

Fold over the flap.

Easy peazy lemon squeezy! A bag for your jewellery creations.

I used 3" wide ribbon for this tutorial, but you can use any smaller width, just reduce the length of your original cut so your finished product is square. For 1" ribbon I cut about 3". Play with it a bit to get the sizes you need.

You can use ribbon without wire but I like how the bags hold their shape when you use wire edged ribbon. I also recommend solid fabric, sheer ribbon makes a see through bag, which personally I think isn't as attractive or as much fun when using for a gift.

Honestly I use whatever I can get on sale, find at the thrift store, or salvage from leftovers from friends wreath making projects. It all makes cute gift bags for a very reasonable price.

This is not my original idea, I once purchased an item of jewellery several years ago and it came in one of these bags, wish I could remember who from!

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