Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Boy Cut Panties

Today I thought I would share a Valentine's Day related tutorial with all of your marvelous readers.

Who doesn't need a cute pair of underwear? And for some reason, men go super ga-ga over this style of panty.

Do you want them? I've already sold these ones, but I can show you how to make your own. Yay!

Supplies needed:

- Downloadable pattern
- half a yard of cotton knit (this will make two pairs) You can also use old t-shirts ( I used an extra large t-shirt to make the ones pictures above.
- half inch elastic (enough to fit comfortably around your hips
- matching thread
- ribbon or any other fun thing to decorate them with (optional)

1) Cutting out the pattern

The pattern for medium size is available using the links below:

If you need a size other than medium, you can up or downsize from this pattern

- cut out one front
- cut out one back
- cut out one crotch piece (included on the boycutfront.pdf)

2) Finish the seams
- Because you're working with knit, it won't fray, but I like to finish some of the seams just for appearance sake. Use a zigzag to finish the short ends of the crotch piece.
- I set my machine to zigzag for the entire process in fact. It's much nicer to sew a zigzag on knit fabric. This allows the knit to stretch properly and since underwear undergoes a lot of stress, zigzag is best!

3) Attach the pieces

- Sew the front and back (right sides together) at the crotch seam.
- Place the crotch piece (wrong sides together) centered in between the front and back pieces. Fold the leg seams down twice to make a hem. Pin and then stitch. This should secure the crotch piece in properly. If it doesn't quite fit, it's knit, it'll stretch!

4) Side Seams and Top Casing
- fold your front and back pieces so that the side seams are matched (right sides together). Stitch side seams.
- Fold down your top casing 1/4 of an inch and press. Then fold down another inch to form a casing. Stitch around the edge making sure to leave a few inches open to insert the elastic.

5) Insert Elastic and Decorate
- you might want to try on your pair of boy cuts in order to get an accurate measurement. Since I'm making these to stock in my shop, I measured my own hips. Remember that these panties fit low (around the hips) when measuring.
- insert elastic into casing using safety pins. Sew elastic together and then sew the casing opening shut.
- Decorate however you like!

Aren't those cute? Making your own underwear is really less painful than you think! I thought I'd start you out with something easy to show you that it really isn't difficult to have your own one of a kind underwear.

But if you're still a little unsure, you can purchase these psychedelic purple ones or these ones with construction trucks on them at Tawny Bee.

You may use this pattern to make underwear for yourself, your friends, your lovers, whoever you like. You may also use this pattern to make underwear to sell. All I ask is that you give pattern creation credit to Tawny Bee in your product listing.


This tutorial originally appeared on The LT Experience on June 3, 2010

If you would like to see the regular cut panties tutorial, leave a comment below and I'll include it in a future WEST tutorial Tuesday. :)

Cheers and Happy Tuesday!

- Tawny

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  1. These are so cute! What measurements would a medium fit? How exactly do you go about changing the size?


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