Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: eReader Cover

Since I made the lovely Kobo cover (pictured below) for our wonderful WEST leader - Ruth from Periwinkle Dzyns, I thought I would share the How To with all the WEST fans. :D

Isn't this a terrific eReader cover? You may remember the one that I made not long ago for myself. I still love it, but I much prefer the opening along the side like this one has. But, I made this one as a gift, so I guess I'll have to follow my own instructions and make one for myself later.

Here is all the information you need to make your own.

Supplies needed:
- an eReader (for measurments)
- .25 meter of main cotton fabric or 2 fabrics if you want coordinating top flap.
- .25 meter of fleece for soft lining
- button
- coordinating thread

Time Needed:
- this took me about an hour. If you're better at math than I am, it could take you less time to figure out.

Skill Needed:
- Intermediate
- some machine sewing including buttonhole
- some math for drafting pattern

Step One:
- We're going to have to figure out the math for the pattern pieces. Take the measurements of your eReader across, length and thickness. For example: the Kobo is 4.75 inches across, 7.25 inches in length and 0.5 inches thick.
- the main panels will be:
length + thickness +1 (for the long sides)
Width across + thickness +1 (for short sides)

- You'll want to cut 2 main cotton panels and two fleece panels using this measurements. For the Kobo it was 7.25 +0.5+1 and 4.75+0.5+1 so 8.75 by 6.25 inches.
- For the flap panel:
length+1 by thickness+3.5

- You'll want to cut one piece with this measurement out of cotton and one piece out of fleece. For the Kobo it was 8.25 by 4.5 inches.

Step Two:
- take your two flap pieces, one cotton and one fleece and place them right sides together. Sew along short sides and one long side. Make sure if your fabric has a pattern that the long side you sew across is the bottom of the pattern. You can round off your flap like I did above. Clip corners and trim seams.

Step Three:
- Turn flap right side out and top stitch along the edge you just sewed. I used a fancy machine stitch, but a straight or zig zag stitch will work just as well.

Step Four:
- choose the main cotton panel that you want on the back of your cover. With right sides together, centre the flap piece onto a long side of your main cotton panel. Make sure the pattern on the panel is facing the proper way (with flap at the top). Baste it in place.

Step Five:
- place the remaining main cotton panel right sides together on top of the piece that you just stitched with the flap attached. Sew along both sides (not the long sides with the flap attached or the bottom long side!)

Step Six:
- Sew your lining fleece together in the same manner (right sides together, sew along both short sides).

Step Seven:
- turn your main cotton piece right side out and carefully place your fleece piece around it, right sides together. Make sure your flap panel is still facing inwards. Sew all the way around top edge.

Step Eight:
- Turn your project right side out and top stitch along the top, making sure not to catch your flap in the top stitching. Once again, I used a fancy stitch, but a straight or zig zag stitch will work just as well.

Step Nine:
- Turn your project inside out again. Stitch along bottom making sure to catch all layers in the stitching. Trim close to seam.

Step Ten:
- sew a buttonhole into the centre of your flap. And sew the corresponding button on the main panel to match up with the buttonhole.

And in 10 easy steps, you've got yourself and pretty sweet Kobo Kozy (or an "eReader of your choice" Kozy). As always, you are allowed to use this pattern however you see fit. Use it to make Kozies for yourself, your husband, cousin, local town crier, whoever. Make them for gifts, to sell, whatever floats your boat.

This How To was originally posted on my blog - The L-T Experience on May 24, 2011

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