Friday, May 13, 2011

Your Etsy Shop and Customer Service

A few tips for you this cozy Friday in Winterpeg on providing excellent customer service in your Etsy shop.

My top 10 tips
1 - Answer all Etsy conversations (commonly referred to as convo's) within 24 hours - even if it's to tell them you don't have an answer to their question, yet - let them know when you will have the complete answer

2 - Say Thank You, at every opportunity, even if you have no intention of meeting their request for 75% off everything or telling them where you get your supplies, just thank them for asking, thank them for shopping, thank them for returning

3 - Ship all made to stock orders promptly - define what promptly means to your shop in #9

4 - Seriously think through including unwanted freebies - not everyone appreciates them

5 - In your shipment, do include a coupon code for their next visit and a business card to help them remember your shop

6 - Do put your shop on vacation if you will be unreachable for longer than 24 hours - Do be aware this will make your shop invisible in most of the Etsy searches

7 - If you can't ship promptly let them know immediately - again see #9

8 - Offer refunds, AFTER they have returned the merchandise or proven non delivery or if you don't offer refunds explain why - more details for #9

9 - Write clear concise shop policies

10 - Clearly communicate how long custom orders take & as an aside never EVER start a custom order -- for paying customers, this does not include your Mom :) -- without at least 50% $ paid. This prevents all kinds of nasty things later. Explain it in good old #9.

11- Remember that rude convo's do not need to be answered. Yes, I know this is #11 in what's supposed to be 10 tips and that it contradicts #1. Sometimes, some questions or comments are just plain mean, hurtful,nasty or rude. People will say almost anything under the anonymity of the internet. Silence is the high road.

It's not just about getting new customers, it's also about keeping the ones you have. A happy customer will return.

As always, my opinion! Would love to hear yours.

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