Monday, May 16, 2011

WEST Fun at the River East Collegiate Craft Show

There were a bunch of WEST'ers at the River East Collegiate Craft Show and Sale this past Saturday.

The show was not too bad for a Spring show. As I was wondering around (yes there was time to wonder around - boourns), I talked to a few people. Most made their table fees back plus a little extra and had some chance to give out their business cards and put their name out there. Success in my book!

I took pictures of the WEST booths that I could find. Sorry if I missed you!

Heartfelt Yarn Wreaths

Jonathon Wayne Designs

Don't we all look nice?

It was awesome meeting you all and finally putting some faces to the names I've been talking to these past few months! I'm looking forward to seeing you at upcoming WEST events and more craft shows of course!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the lovely recap and for all the great shots you got, Tawny. So great to meet some other WESTers in person!


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