Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update to Etsy's Labelling Policy

As some of you have already figured out, Etsy has changed their default searches to display the most relevant (instead of the most recently listed) items.

They have also included a few more ways to help buyers find your items within the "Edit Listing" or "Add New Item" sections.

Now you can choose from some drop down menus and add details like:
Who made the item?
When was the item made? (there is a made to order section in this drop down if your item is not made yet)
What is it's use? (A finished product or a supply)

They have also added even more details to choose from more drop down menus like:
Who is it for?
Is it for a specific event?
What is the style?

This is great because it offers more ways for buyers to find your items.

But if you haven't filled these new details out yet, then you're missing out on potentail customers. I would suggest that all WEST members who are reading this, to go back into your listings and keep them updated.

There are more details about the new default searches on the Etsy blog here. There is an update to the labeling of your items to keep in mind here.

I have noticed a drastic change since the default searches have been changed to relevancy. My individual items are labelled using every tag available and have been getting significantly more views now than when search was defaulting to recently listed. I can't stress enough about using all of the tags available and to full advantage.
Happy Sales!


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Thanks Tawny!

  2. excellent information to share Tawny - thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info.. appreciate it..


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