Saturday, November 17, 2012

Squidee: A Love Story at the Holiday Market

Most of you don't know this about Squidee, but he's a very romantic soul.  And he's lonely.


Being a good representative for WEST though, he put his feelings of solitude aside and went to the Holiday Market today at the UU church on Wellington Crescent.

He was going to do his best to cheer on all the WESTies at this show.  But he had other things on his mind.

He first went to visit the Sew Dandee table.  Here he sought dating advice from a Manitoba legend.

Keep calm and ride on? Kinky, but it just might work!

Next Squidee decided that his new love (whoever she may be) might need a beautiful present.   A scarf - hand dyed even!

So he headed on over to visit Leslie and her grandmother at the Blue Star Studios table.

Squidee then returned to the Tawny Bee table to regroup.  And that's when it happened.  He spied the most enchanting creature across the way.  He got tingles all the way through his tentacles.  Could it be?  Could Squidee have found love?

He gathered up all his Squidee courage and ventured over the Magination's table.  And that's where he found Pinky!  Oh look at this temptress with her wide eyes and gaping mouth so much like Squidee's own.  How could he not fall head over tentacles in love with her?

Things were moving fast at this craft show.  Squidee had to make a bold move to make sure that Pinky would be his forever.

He made his way over to Periwinkle Designs to buy a geeky ring for each of Pinky's tentacles.  

But alas... in Squidee's absence, Pinky found a new home this afternoon.  It was not meant to be.  Poor Squidee was crushed.

Monkey Business Card Co. to the rescue.  Can you spot Squidee drowning his sorrows with his new monkey friends?  They entertained him and kept his mind on all sorts of monkey business.

Squidee's heart went through a lot this fateful afternoon at the Holiday Market.  Stay tuned for further adventures of Squidee at future WEST events!


  1. thanks for that most imaginative post, miss you Squidy!

  2. Ah, love found and lost, all in one day! Remember Squidee, there are more sales by WEST members yet to come, and more chances for love!

  3. poor poor Squidee! who knows, maybe he'll find love again?


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