Saturday, December 22, 2012

Squidee at the WEST Handmade and Vintage Holiday Shop

A little known fact about Squidee to start off this post.  Squidee is a huge procrastinator.

So it was no surprise that it's December 22nd and poor Squidee had yet to shop for his 18 brothers and sisters.

Oh Squidee....

But Squidee was in luck.  WEST was holding their handmade and vintage holiday shop today.  Phew!

He could get all his shopping done in one place and still come out looking like an awesome brother who is very observant and buys just the right gift for everyone on his list (just like all the other Winnipeggers who came to shop today).

It was a whirlwind shopping spree.

For Squidette he stopped at Tawny Bee and bought a diaper stacker. Squidette is going to need it! She just had 47 babies!

For Squider he bought some lip balm from Just the Goods.  It's amazing how dry a squid's lips can get.  Who even knew that Squids had lips?!!

For Squidina he admired the metal work and decided on a bracelet for one of her tentacles - from Aelios Design.

And then Squidee got hungry as young squids often do and stopped by the treat table for some goodies.

Then back to shopping!

Nancy from Nancy Blokland Pottery was the only one who would agree to pose with Squidee for a photo. Woot Woot for Nancy!  Squidee bought a lovely mug for his brother Squidoo.

Then he popped over to Bitchin Kitsch n' Kitchen where he purchased some Tiki mugs for his brother Squidly.

Over at Smash Knits Squidee chose a beanie hat for Squidbert.

An infinity scarf for Squidana over at Blue Star Studios. (Squidee was being a naughty little squid and just had to play around in the model's cleavage for awhile.  Tsk Tsk Squidee!)

For Squidelly he chose an original art print from Mary and Maude Studio.

A beautiful handcrafted frame clutch from Hoshii Designs for Squidalina.

And of course for Squidward he had to pick up a Sponge Bob felted soap from Flatlanders Soap Co.

Then it was time for another rest. Squidee worked at filling the door prize box with only entries that said his name on them.  But he forgot to leave his phone number and couldn't be reached when he won. D'Oh! I guess some other lucky shopper is going to take home all the fantastic prizes.

On with the shopping!

For Squidsal, he chose an apron from Pure Paper Extract.  That Squidsal is a messy cook just like Squidee.

Squidesa is going to be the proud recipient of some pretty baubles from Sheppards Hook.

Once again Squidee wanted to eat all the lovely soaps at SoGa Soaps, but instead he chose some pretty enough to eat bars for Squidnee.

Vintage really appeals to Squidee's sister Squidmelanie so he chose some beautiful gloves from Lady Likeness for her.

Delicate glass earrings from Burning Bee Glass were the perfect gift for Squidera.

Where in the world is Squidee?  Squidee jumped and played in all of the map buttons at Periwinkle Dzyns.  Then he chose a necklace made out of a diode, or friode, or ziode or something for his computer geek brother Squidiam.

Squidee thought about taking a little nap in the soft cozy moccasins at Selkie Design shop, but then decided they would be a perfect gift for Squidbob.  Do they come in sets of 8?

And finally for the most hard to shop for brother - the very badass Squidster, he found a gorgeous skull ring to fit right over that troublemaker's tentacle from Warped Metal.  Awesome!


  1. Wonderful! So glad Squidee was able to get his holiday shopping done! Thanks Tawny!


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