Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where WESTies Create: Episode 1, PeriwinkleDzyns

WEST is happy to introduce a new regular blog feature - Where WESTies create!

How regular you ask?

About as regular as the odd spaces we will be featuring! Every once in a while we will be popping in to feature the unique creative spaces where WEST members bend over hacked up work benches and work their fingers to the bone to mold beautiful objects just for you, our wonderful fans!

Are these spaces going to be worthy of those glossy magazines or make that denizen of glitz and glamour proud? Probably not. Will we have a few chuckles and enjoy seeing where real people create? ABSOLUTELY!

Our first volunteer,conscript, is the crazy lady that stepped up to execute this idea! It's our wise WESTie leader, Ruth of PeriwinkleDzyns. Ok, confession time, she's also the one writing this, so let's just say she's wise in her own mind and leave it at that! And besides that, I'm the only one foolish enough to lay it all out there! Or am I? You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

Welcome to my studio! We thought we would start off with the only 3 square feet of empty floor space. Nestled in the heart of old St James, this hardwood floored studio is a former play room that used to house Lego and Groovy Girls. Now it is both working and storage space for my eco friendly jewellery line.

And that extension cord? That's so I can use my dremel; somehow I lost track of where the plug ins are in the studio, or maybe I just can't get to them any more... heehee, your choice in that scenario!

These pictures caught me in between holiday craft sales. Piles of stock, working trays, and just lots of stuff greet you as you enter this inner sanctum of upcycling. It's not always a glamorous business involving manicures and spotless colour co-ordinated work places with lots of painted surfaces and accents--this is real baby!

Here's where it all happens, the work bench aka salvaged 70's office table. It's got lots of flat surface and plenty of task lighting - both necessary ingredients for the fine detailed work I do!

I call it my studio because it makes a much more impressive moniker than "room where I shove all my sh**t." I love to label my storage containers but often find that my good intentions are out-weighed by the reality of keeping a home, day job and small business afloat. Mostly I remember what's in all those bags and boxes, kinda...

I've always been a less than stellar home maker (did I ever mention I really don't get that recent obsession with mid century house wifery some of you gals have? No? going on record here and now!), and cleaning has never been much of a priority. Life is too short to even once consider that you'll be worried about those dust bunnies when all is said and done!

This virtual tour shows you how I think and create in the real world! A lot of chaos, but mostly with a huge sense of humour and a speck of patience. I hope you loved the tour as much as I enjoyed sharing my real space, where a real woman creates!


  1. I'm so nosey - I'm gonna love these features. Awesome idea Ruth and thanks for being the first victim... uh... I mean handmade Goddess to volunteer for this. :)

  2. Ruth...Ruth...are you in there? Great job, Ruth!


  3. Thanks for being real! Great start to the series, looking forward to more features!

  4. You made it sound like it was *REALLY* messy! This looks perfectly reasonable to me =-) How else could you come up with ideas if you don't know what materials you have at hand? looks great!

  5. Wow, that's crazy! Really looks like someone works there.....hahahha .... lol ! My work space matches yours.....


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