Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where Westies Create: Episode 7 Emms Pocket Shop

Come on in to my Pocket Shop studio!


Before you reach the tv room in my basement, you can stop off at the ironing board and check out my latest fabric selections for snack bags, zipper coin purses, sandwich wraps and receipt keepers! I am trying to break the habit of leaving things on the ironing board because every once in a while I want to iron my clothes. This little alcove is the perfect size for a 60" x 34" oak desk that I would never let my parents get rid of. And finally, it became mine when I settled in Winnipeg.

Once in Winnipeg the desk saga continued. My husband and I have always thought about getting rid of it - it's big and clunky - that is until I started to sew. I love the pull-out work spaces on each side of the chair. I use the knee drawer for rulers, pins, tape measures, sewing machine feet and chalk.

I have three baskets on top of the desk (and two lint rollers...strange) for in-progress items and the large one with the lid holds my fabric stash. I mostly buy fabric in 1/2 yards and fat quarters (I love variety) so I can hold a lot of inspiration in one basket.

Behind the desk is our family game closet, in which I have overtaken the bottom shelf. These baskets and boxes hold my finished stock, solid colour fabrics, smaller scraps, and templates. The blue dresser (seen in the middle photo) was recently relocated to this area so that I could store liners and interfacing as well as old pairs of jeans that I cut up for change wallets.

Thank you for stopping by. I'll see you again when I share my jewelry studio with you.

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  1. That is a fantastic sewing desk! I love the idea of pull out shelves (wish I had those). Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. :)


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