Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who's New Tuesday: Magination

Happy Tuesday! Our newest member intro is Marlene H. 

Where are you from? 
Winnipeg, MB though grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba.

What is your shop name? 
Magination ( which stands for M-agination by Marlene)

When you start your etsy shop? 
Feb 2008

Why did you decide to start an etsy shop?
Craft sales are too seasonal and I wanted to reach a larger audience and customer base.

What do you sell?
Knitted and crocheted items (I like to put a modern twist and not make the same stuff my grandmother made.)

What is your favorite item to make? 
Probably some of my slippers - especially when creating a new design. I love it when a customer asks me for a new animal/design that I haven't done before. It gets my creative juices flowing!

What are your long-term Etsy goals?
Long term, I'd love to continue to make new designs and increase the number of products in my shop.

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