Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where WESTies Create - Episode 9: emms gEM's and jake + cleo

Welcome to the jewelry studio portion of my home!
I'm Emily of emmsgems and I'm also the shorter half of jake + cleo  and this is where jewelry is made. Last time we met, I took you on a tour of my sewing corner in the basement of my house, where I create my line of fabric bags, emmspocketshop. Now I'm giving you a peak at a room on the main floor of my home, where I design jewelry and my husband hunkers down in our home office.

I should mention that the room actually does triple duty. Under gEM's desk, and somewhat hidden by the rolling cart full of beads, is a cat litter box. I have an older cat who can't climb stairs so I had to find a space for her business on the main floor. This table holds bins, tins and towers of beads. There is always a piece of jewelry on the go in the work area, and is strategically hidden under a towel. It isn't that I fear the paparazzi peeking in the window and snapping pics of my work, but I have a second cat who loves to get her paws in to everything.

I mentioned that I help to create jake + cleo jewelry, and a portion of this room is reserved for this work. A great rolling set of drawers holds jake + cleo 's designing, creating, assembling and shipping needs. We can leave the drawers here, or roll it out to the light filled kitchen and spread out there.

The closet in this room holds a number of things. gEM's necklaces hang on hangers, earrings and bracelets are in boxes. Other boxes hold shipping supplies, display pieces, and extra things. We have two cardboard light boxes and one nylon light cube for photographing product. This mess is an organized mess.

Here are few other photos: a tackle box of beads, the gEM's layout board, and a kiln (hidden in the basement) for firing jake + cleo pieces.


  1. I love how you hang your stock from hangers. Terrific idea!

  2. Thanks Tawny. It took me years to realize that while hanging on the hanger, separating in to bundles with a twist tie also helps.


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