Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY: $20 water play table

Hi! This is Serena from and, and I'm here to share with all the lovely readers of  the W.E.S.T blog our recent DIY project - a water play table!

Both my kids love water.. I think all kids love it! They especially love to fill the dog's water dish with toys and then splash it all over the kitchen floor or fill up their glass of water with one of their toys so they can “give it a bath.” These things, while very sweet and playful, did not make me very happy.

We talked about getting a water/sand table for the backyard and looked around online at the different options. We really didn’t want the sand option because we have a great sandbox already. We also were not happy with the height of the tables we were seeing online. 

During the online search I found a couple that were just perfect! A nice sturdy structure that was tall enough for my 4 year-old and didn’t have all sorts of things built into it – I wanted the kids to use their own “things” and come up with their own ways to play. The problem with these Montessori water tables was the price and how functional they would be outside.

The best solution was to just build our own! We bought a $7 clear under-bed storage bin and about $10 worth of lumber. Jason got to work and a short time later we had a water table!

Our original plan was to add a plug or spigot to the table for easy drainage, but the kids proved that this really isn't necessary at all! They have no problem draining all the water out of it during their play! 

Best $20 ever!

~ Serena

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