Monday, October 7, 2013

Craft Sale Payments Just Got Easier

Hey everyone! By now you probably know that WEST is having a sale in October (see the first round of vendors here). If you're a seasoned craft sale attender, you know the nostalgic feeling you get when you first walk into the building--where you wonder what amazing things you're going to find, what kind of food you're going to try and you leave feeling all cheery and ready for the holidays.

Vintage Sign from the Old Time Junk Shop

A few vendors are offering a way to pay with credit cards at this upcoming sale, and we wanted to share with you a little bit of how this works! If you find a sign or sticker on a vendor's table indicating a mobile card option, you can pay with the credit card types indicated. What will likely happen is that the vendor will swipe your card using a device on their phone which will directly charge your card.

This is a secure payment method--there will be no information collected or shared about you,the buyer, and if you choose to provide an email address, this is only used for a receipt. All customer information is encrypted on the device company's server, even if the WiFi connection is public or on a data server.

We will also provide maps to an ATM where you can get extra cash if you find more than you thought you might ;)  Just a few things to make your shopping day a little easier! Hope to see you there!

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